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Service & Repair

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Whether you're looking to have your PC serviced or maybe you have all the parts and just need it assembled, checkout the different options here for those two services and everything in between! The service pricings are for the service only, not including price of part(s).

RAM Installation: Got new RAM and need it installed? We can do it and set the correct BIOS settings for optimal performance!

PC Fan Replacement: Fan making noises and it's getting annoying? We can handle that problem too.

BIOS Update: New CPU or motherboard? Maybe both? No image, no boot screen, just a pitch black monitor? It may be that your BIOS is out of date. We can handle that for any LGA 1200, LGA 1700, or AM4 system.

Diagnosis: If you’re having issues with your computer and can’t figure it out, let us take a look at it! We’ll help identify the issue and provide cost effective solutions to fix any issues we find.

GPU Replacement: New GPU and don't want to have issues? Let us install it to clean out those old drivers, install your new ones and set optimal settings for you!

SSD/HDD Installation: If the storage bar on your system has turned red and you need more space, we got you. Let us add more storage so you can save more cat photos.

CPU Installation: Oh, so you want to go from 4 cores to 16? We support your decision. Let us make sure your CPU is installed correctly with fancy new thermal paste.

Virus Removal: Viruses can be a hassle to deal with. They can slow down your computer by eating away at system resources, and even worse steal your data! We’ll get any and all viruses removed so you can continue to use your PC.

PSU Installation: Don't starve your system of power, let's bump those PSU numbers up a bit.

Motherboard Installation: Not satisfied with that prebuilt proprietary motherboard? Neither are we, and we got your back.

Data Backup & Reimage: System running slow or wanting to upgrade your hard drive? We can back your data up and put a clean OS installation on your system.


Complete PC Builds: If you’re interested in a complete PC build, we can take care of that for you! If you have all the components, simply select the option for a complete PC build and we’ll contact you to setup an appointment! Our PC builds include full assembly with cable management, installation and activation of Windows 11 Pro, all drivers updated, and BIOS updated with correct BIOS settings. If you’re unsure of the components or PC that’ll best suit you, shoot us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or a text message to get started with your build today!